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    A video of a baby who seems to be having a lot of fun playing with a Cobra gathered thousands of views and shocked comments on Instagram. The Instagram account seemed to have grabbed the video and reposted it. Having 55,000 followers, the video had tons of attention. It was uploaded on Instagram with the […] More

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    Pediatrician Technique

    one of the biggest decisions you make before your baby is born. Which pediatrician is the right one for your child? Before you start your search, take a few minutes to learn exactly what this kind of doctor does. It will help you make a better choice and know what to expect when your little […] More

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    Intelligent Dog, Touching Story

    today, some dogs are used as pets, others are used to help humans do their work. They are a popular pet because they are usually playful, friendly, loyal and listen to humans. Thirty million dogs in the United States are registered as pets. Dogs are sometimes referred to as “man’s best friend” because they are […] More

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    Mom and Baby Take Turns on Pacifier in This Hilarious Video

    Probably one of the most popular videos among social media platforms nowadays are footages of babies doing several stuff. Who could forget the compilation video of babies trying lemon for the first time? That video went super viral because of how adorable the babies reacted to the sour taste of the lemon. But apart from […] More