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    Thirsty faucet sucks up water instead of pouring it into a pail

    Water is an essential part of human’s lives. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of our bodies is made up of water. It is such an integral part of our day to day living that studies have shown that a human body can last longer without food than without water. In the middle of […] More

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    Khabib Nurmagomedov jumped on Conor McGregor’s team and caused a post-brawl in the UFC 229!

    It was a shock for UFC fans to see Conor McGregor tapped Russian fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov’s arm as he surrendered to the eventual champion’s choke. However, this monumental moment was overshadowed by a post-brawl as Khabib’ suddenly climbed the staged and jumped at the men located in McGregor’s side and caused a fight. They were […] More

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    Netizens were shocked when this kid swallowed this raw fish!

    A viral video of a kid and a fish is going viral on social media as netizens are debating whether it was real or not. In the video posted by Facebook user Rafael Aires, a kid, presumably an Indian, has a huge raw fish on his hands. He is positioned in swallowing the fish from […] More

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    WATCH: This 350-feet World Record Dive Will Blow You Away

    Mother Earth is still a mystery yet to solved by us, its inhabitants. About 95% of the oceans and 99% of the ocean floor remain unexplored, and the land area of rainforests and wild is still beyond what we have uncovered. Because of the amazing features of our unique planet, us humans cannot stop learning […] More

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    This Girl Shows How Everyone Should Dance At A Party

    A party is a social gathering that usually involves food, drinks, and all sorts of entertainment. There are various types of parties but most of them involve loud music. With loud music, guests are expected to dance whether with their dates, friends or even alone. Not everyone who attends parties are fond of dancing, though. […] More

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    Two-legged robot amazes audience with dance skills

    Human beings have proved their advancement in technology after they produced several inventions such as robots. Nearly everyone of us thought the creation of robots would be impossible, but it turned out to be real. A robot is a machine with the abilities of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. There are robots […] More

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    Watch: Luksong baka made even funnier

    There are several Filipino games that kids, and even adults, love to play. Can you name some? Famous traditional Filipino games are Agawan Base, Bahay-Bahayan, Bati-Cobra, Chinese Garter, Ten-Twenty, Juego de Anillo, Langit at Lupa, Lawin at Sisiw (“Hawk and Chicken”), Luksong-Tinik, Piko, Patintero, Tagu-taguan, Palosebo, and many more! Read more from our website: He Called […] More

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    This man’s prank almost hurt his co-worker while working

    There are only possible outcomes of a prank. It could only either be downright hilarious or disgustingly annoying. As we all know, we view certain things differently. There are some people who might see it very silly while the other people might it the other way around. This is what exactly what the viral video […] More

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