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    WATCH: Two motorcycle riders got lucky after risky stunt!

    Muntik na

    Muntik na

    Posted by Blina Online on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

    Motorcycle riding can be an artform and a sport especially when practiced properly and safely. There are many tricks that can be done with a motorcycle, the most famous one being wheelies – or when the motorcycle rider lifts the front of the bike and only uses the back wheel to get by. There are […]

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    Look at this awesome invention made from bamboo!

    Quá tuyệt <3

    Ad nhận giã gạo say bột thuê nha bà con chú bác😃!

    Posted by Shop Trẻ Thơ VN on Friday, September 7, 2018

    Inventions are a marriage of science and art. Such inventions are powered by science and designed by art. People uses different materials in constructing such inventions from metal, wood, plastic and other more. After the emergence of plastic, a decline in the usage of wood has been seen through. Although underappreciated, woods such as bamboos […]

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    Netizens go crazy over a “woman in labor” who sounded like Cardi B!


    Cardi B giving birth was really popping 😂With Natalie Friedman

    Posted by Creaze on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

    Cardi B. is one of the biggest artists in the industry today. She has proven this through her numerous hit songs that easily appealed to a lot of people. Fans from all over the world quickly recognize her for her very distinct voice. The moment you hear the first lines of the popular artist’s songs, […]

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    LOOK! these people acting like a zombie captured by the police in Brazil!

    Cuando la Ficción se hace Realidad.#Alerta: La Droga #Zombie ya está en #Brasil.La Droga "Cloud Nine" y otras...

    Posted by Humberto Pecina on Friday, September 29, 2017

    Some substances really have to power to change the way people act. Sometimes, it does a little bit too much. This is enough evidence to prove that you should never try taking them. In some situations, it can even lead to very radical effects. Just like this Brazilian woman who was under the influence of […]

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    Take a look at this giant Anaconda spotted swimming casually in a river!

    Are you familiar with the Anaconda movie franchise? Its the movies wherein the main antagonist is a huge snake feasting on a group of people one by one. It was quite huge back in the day as it certainly brought in a new element to these types of films. Think of it as that generation’s […]

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    Learn how to be an instant Math wizard with these problem-solving hacks


    Posted by Now I've Seen Everything on Monday, February 19, 2018

    A lot of students really find Mathematics as major source of headache. Just seeing all the confusing formula and dizzying numbers could make people give up without trying. If you’re a troubled student who admit having weakness on Math, then you have to learn this simple and easy techniques that would help you solve equations. […]

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    These kids play in a fake war causing chaos and violence

    Siap di kirim di jalur gaza

    Posted by Haris on Sunday, June 17, 2018

    Violence is the behavior involving physical force. Its purpose is to hurt, damage, or end someone’s life. Nowadays, many games are done with violence. There are some video games that apply violence in the virtual world. While there are also some games played in reality that can cause violence. Three months ago, a Facebook user […]

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    What Looked As An Ordinary Baby Turned Out To Be Something Else!

    Bayi predator 😂

    Posted by Lheen Chung Wangi on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

    Do you remember the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Buton? It was top-billed by Hollywood superstar, Brad Pitt. The story revolves around Benjamin who lived quite a unique life. His physical features are reverse of his age. He was born as an old man, and he passed away as a baby. It was fascinating […]

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    Airport crew play with their batons like “Star Wars” lightsabers

    Duel of the Fates AIRPORT

    Ever wonder why you flight has been delayed?Sígueme ➡️ DarthTemoc➡️ Grupo: Star Wars Universe

    Posted by Star Wars Universe on Friday, September 14, 2018

    The epic movie series “Star Wars” probably influenced a lot of people, especially their avid fans. This beloved movie anthology continued to thrive in books, television shows, computer games, comic books, and even theme parks! Most children or even teenagers loved to get toy lightsabers – the most famous weapon used in the “Star Wars” […]

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    Dog greets its owner with a warm welcome

    great dog

    dog love!

    Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Friday, September 21, 2018

    Dogs are considered part of a family to most people. Some person even loved these four-legged animals like their own relative. Dogs are known to be loyal to their owners and can be a man’s best friend. Aside from happiness we can receive, there are also some health benefits of owning a dog. It can […]

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