Miss International 2016 and Los Bastardos Leading Lady Kylie Verzosa Wows Netizens With Stunning Photos

Apart from being a country blessed with extremely talented singers, the Philippines has also been gifted with a natural beauty that is recognized all over the world. This has been proven by the numerous times that our country has bagged the crowns for international pageants like Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss International.

Starting with our very first win in Miss Universe leading up to the most recent win, our very own Miss Universe 2015, Queen Pia Wurtzbach, we have proven our caliber as a nation in the pageant world. But one of the rather famous queens who have won the hearts of many people (apart from Queen Pia of course) is Kylie Verzosa.

Her beauty and intellect are just overflowing that it led her to bringing home the Miss International 2016 crown. Ever since, she has been a staple among commercials and other endorsements, and have landed some television gigs here and there.

Among Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa’s most recent project is the newly launched afternoon series of the Kapamilya ABS-CBN network entitled Los Bastardos. In this series, she plays as Marco Gumabao’s feisty sister who is up for the challenge of straightening up her brother.

Close to her advocacies in real life, Kylie’s character, named Dulce, is a pretty and eloquent woman who goes around the world working on charity projects. Though this was not a surprise for many, Kylie took everyone by shock in her performance as a part of the show.

Many beauty queens end up signing up for acting contracts in the country’s major networks, but not all of them exhibit the same brilliance in acting. In the recent episodes of Los Bastardos, Kylie was able to showcase and flex her acting muscles and she did not disappoint.

Clearly, the Miss International Queen has more talents up her sleeve. Not only is she an eloquent speaker with a great mission and advocacy, she is also a feisty actress who knows how to put on a show and make a scene as intense as it can be.

A lot of netizens also noticed how great she is in the field of acting, giving her compliments and praises on how she performed her role in the series.

“Sa mga beauty queen na nag aartista sa abs-cbn, yan pinakalike ko,” said one netizen.

Another mentioned, “Ang galing nya…I love her character in Los Bastardos.”

Clearly, Kylie has a lot going on for her, and we are all but excited to look forward to how she’s going to make this series an even interesting one.

Source: ABS-CBN

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