6 Reasons Why First Filipina Victoria’s Secret Model Kelsey Merritt Is The Ultimate #Goals

A lot of girls dream to be strutting their stuff on the fashion runway, or being featured in several billboards as an endorser of any fashion line, or even any product for that matter. Some people bust their butts off in the gym just to get their shapes closer to their dream body, helping pave their way toward their modeling career.

But some people are just born for it. It’s as if the stars have aligned and have shaped these people’s destiny so that they may finally end up in the runway, sporting the biggest names in the fashion industry. The very same thing could be said about Filipino-American model, Kelsey Merritt.

Kelsey has made every Filipino proud when she popped the news that she was included in the final list of models to walk Victoria’s Secret’s runway. But apart from this achievement, here are 6 reasons why Kelsey is everyone’s ultimate #Goals.

1. She’s a graduate of one of the country’s most reputable school. It’s not easy to get into Ateneo, much more graduate from it. Kelsey is definitely beauty and brains!

2. Whether on the streets, in a park, or by the sea, she sure knows how to take drool-worthy shots we all wish we could.

3. Don’t even get us started with her photos in the beach. Her bikini gaming is so strong, we feel our eyes aren’t worthy of such beautiful sight. And just look at that perfectly fit body!

4. She knows how to love her own body and promotes body positivity. A girl like her knows how to show her imperfections and be proud of them. Look at these stretch marks she posted in the hopes of creating a more positive body view amongst women.

5. She’s focused and concentrated in achieving and maintaining a great body. Just look at her pose for the gym. Don’t we all wish we could be like her?

6. Have you seen her sport an under garment? My goodness, this woman is just the epitome of someone born for the Victoria’s Secret runway. Her days at the gym indeed paid off and now, she’s one of them VS Angels. C’mon Victoria’s Secret, give Kelsey those wings!

True enough, Kelsey indeed made it to the top. She got in as a VS angel in just one audition, proving that destiny was indeed the major force that led things to happening. But of course, we can’t deny the fact that Kelsey also worked extremely hard for this.

Source: ABS-CBN

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