IN PHOTOS: Ryza Cenon Wows The Internet With Her Beach Photos

The Philippines is indeed gifted in terms of natural resources. Being the second largest archipelago in Asia, we are blessed with landscapes and sceneries that are such a marvel to look at. Among the greatest landscapes that we have are the diversity of our mountains and greeneries.

Of course, since we are part of the tropics, we are also abundant in terms of amazing seas and beaches. Pristine shores of fine white sand and emerald blue waters are almost everywhere. Because of this, a lot of tourists from all over the world take the opportunity to visit our country and explore these sights.

It seems as if everyday, there is a new place to discover and explore. We get to see these places through several online media posts and of course, through social media influencers and our favorite celebrities.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of our favorite idols who go on several trip around the Philippines in the hopes of exploring the beauty of our very own country. There have also been tons of photos circulating online showing how beautiful these places are.

Of course, apart from the picturesque places that we see online, there are also the stunning photos of our favorite celebrities whenever they pose for a shot in front of the natural landscape background of our tourist destinations.

Take for example, Ryza Cenon who has taken social media by storm through her stunning beach photos in her Instagram account. In a series of posts, Ryza Cenon showed everyone what a beach ready body is as she showed off her curves through different swimsuits she wore on the photos.

It does not matter what angle the photos were taken, whether it be lying on the ground, standing on a rock, sitting at the tip of a boat, Ryza rocked every single photo with her envy-worthy curves and fit body. It also does not matter whether she was wearing a one piece, a two-piece suit, or even normal traveling clothes, she just looked stunning.

Posts also showed how much good of a time she always has with her boyfriend Cholo Barretto who has an equally drool worthy body. The two of them seem to be taking their time going on travels and vacations together and they show us exactly what we want for ourselves– a perfect couple set on perfect sceneries, just something all of us wish we had for ourselves.

Source: ABS-CBN

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