LOOK: Here’s What Ex-housemate Ann Li Has Been Up To Since She Exited The Pinoy Big Brother House

We as Filipinos are just naturally curious about other people’s lives. We are very much interested into the nature of people and how they respond and react to certain situations. This is also probably the very foundation of gossip, but we Pinoys know how to make it so much more colorful.

This is also one of the probable reasons why reality shows are such a huge success in the Philippines. And speaking of reality shows, probably one of the most successful reality shows to have ever been televised on national TV is Kapamilya ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother.

Based on George Orwell’s novel, this foreign franchise has created a change in the way prime time shows are made in the Philippines. Since its debut in 2005 it has also been a number one source of talents and celebrities for the said network.

Most of the people who entered as housemates in the show are now pretty famous celebrities in the country. It does not matter if they won in the reality competition or not, but the fact remains that many people took a liking on the personalities of these housemates allowing them to have a showbiz career outside of the PBB house.

Among the famous celebrities who are products of Pinoy Big Brother are Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Loisa Andallo, Sam Milby, and a lot more. But there are also those housemates who, despite not pursuing a career in the show business, have managed to make a name for themselves in a different field or industry.

One of these ex-housemates is none other than Ann Li of Taiwan who was part of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash Edition. This was the edition won by James Reid and where Ryan Bang was also discovered. But instead of joining her fellow housemates in the showbiz world, Ann Li continued to make a name for herself in an industry dear to her heart.

After exiting the PBB house on the 75th day of the said season, Ann Li worked into becoming a big name in the fashion industry. The 15-year old Taiwanese girl with a Pinoy heart has now blossomed into a stunning woman who has become an icon in fashion.

She is now a very popular and successful fashion influencer maintaining an online fashion magazine at Apart from this, she is also a regular writer for Vogue Taiwan and was featured as one of Forbe’s “30 under 30 Asia 2017: The Arts.”

Source: ABS-CBN

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