The Secret Behind Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber’s Natural On-screen Kilig

We are nearing this year’s Halloween and everyone is getting ready for this event. Most of us are busy unearthing stuff we can use for costumes for our company’s Halloween parties, or for get togethers with friends. As peculiar as it sounds, Halloween is the only event where the scarier stuff are considered the best.

Trick or treats are around every corner and spooky movies are everywhere. Everyone is just very much preoccupied getting their freak on and putting on their scariest and most creative costumes. But even if Halloween is all about the spook, a lot of people still have the time for love and romance.

Despite the scare tactics of television shows that we watch, they still never forget to put on that on-screen kilig which we need a daily dose of. Take for example Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata who, despite the spook of this holiday, still manages to channel some romance towards their fans.

The two of them started their on-screen pairing when they became a part of the controversial reality series of ABS-CBN, Pinoy Big Brother. Maymay and Edward, or MayWard as they are popularly known as a couple, shares the secret to the everpresent kilig between them during the press launch of their movie Fantastica, an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) this year.

According to Edward, the only thing he can say about the project is that he plays the role of Vice Ganda’s brother, and of course, will be paired with Maymay.

“Ako yung kapatid ni ate Vice Ganda so yun lang ang puwede ko sabihin. Sigurado ako matutuwa kayo. Si direk Barry yung direktor namin, nagbibigay siya ng freedom. Halos lahat ng eksena spontaneous. Yung script parang guide lang. Pero yung mga jokes, yung kilig, lahat parang on-the-spot lahat. So we had a lot of freedom to be who we are or who the characters are.”

MayWard as a loveteam is undeniably one of the most successful pairings of their generation. When asked about how they manage to be very natural when it comes to being an on-screen couple, they mentioned that they never really faked any reaction between the two of them.

“Kasi may binibigay sa amin na script tapos nasa amin na yun kung paano namin lalaruin. Bale hindi naman kailangan paghandaan talaga na kailangan ganito gagawin mo, hindi ganun. Parang kusa lang siyang lumalabas para mas maging natural,” Maymay explained.

In the meantime, fans and followers are all excited for the release of the movie this December. We’re sure to expect nothing but fun and kilig considering the movie stars Vice Ganda and the MayWard loveteam.

Source: ABS-CBN

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