Heart’s Bag Raid Will Make You Say #BagGoals!

Heart Evangelista is one elegant woman. She always have been exposed to the high life where she can get anything she wants and it is convenient for her to take part in trends or better yet, start it. Because she’s one of the most followed celebrities here in the country, she decided to start a vlog. She titled it Love Marie, and most of the things that she does there are mostly personal. She talks about life, she talks about her career, and a lot more.

Recently, Heart Evangelista has been featured as one of the real “crazy rich Asians”, she showed her collection of bags and her expanded closet. The producers of the said featurette, showed Heart as a rich, beautiful, and powerful lady. It was really beautiful feature. Since the clip was released, followers of Heart’s vlog has been requesting that she do a bag raid segment in her vlogs.

A bag raid is where you open your bag so that people can see the usual necessities that you bring. It gives people that gratifying feeling of being part of your everyday life since they see the things that you usually bring inside your bag.

Finally after several months of requesting, Heart finally obliged and it was more than what people expected. Heart showed off her Hermes Birking Bubble Gum Bag. She showed her Chloe shades, her Christian Dior wallet; she shared that she likes paying with cash because it’s psychological for her. She needs to see that her money is disappearing otherwise she won’t stop shopping.

She then got her Lamer lip balm, then she got out her classic Louis Vuitton make up kit which contains her lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, and a rosary when she wants to pray. She also shared her latest persoanl perfume which she got from Milan, Italy. She also shared that she always brings with her a dog leash for her pet panda, and finally she showed her phone, which is a Samsung Note, which she says is perfect for multitasking and can meet her heavy demands.

Heart did go all in, in her bag raid. People were very happy with how transparent she was and how she did not shy away from keeping anything to her audience. Her radiance and her kind heart shone through the whole segment.

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