NAIA Employee Proved His Worth When He Exemplified Honesty and Integrity!

Honesty is a rare trait nowadays. Not a lot of people can be quite honest about a lot of things. Although we all we want other people to be faithful to us, yet in our own little ways we can’t even be honest. It may be easy to say that honesty can be present in all of our attitudes, but in this world which is full of bad people and scheming individuals, it’s hard to stay upright.

Each person has his or her own moral compass. It’s like a physical compass which we use to know the direction. Our moral compasses determine how we deal with things and just how steadfast we can be to our commitment of being morally right and morally correct. But if we do not follow it, then we’re bound to do things that we should not do in the first place. It’s the time when our beliefs become questionable. It’s the time where the reality of things and our perception of it becomes blurred and we’re left to spare on our own.

However there are still some people whose moral compasses work perfectly fine. People who doesn’t give in into temptation and they still know what is right and that they need to uphold it. These people continue to do the good work despite being faced with hardships and even if they don’t live the grandest of lives.

A NAIA employee named Arturo Verralo was applauded by the netizens because of his honesty and commitment to customer service. Working in an airport, there are a lot of temptations that he is facing. But Kuya Arthur as he is fondly called is committed to honesty. Just an example, recently he exemplified this virtue when he returned a 500 dollar to two foreigners who unknowingly dropped it while they were on the way to their flight.

Kuya Arthur ran after the two foreigners and returned what could have been an instant 25,000 pesos cash. He did not hesitate because he knows his commitment to his job and because he knows what’s right. If it’s not yours, you should return it accordingly.

Isn’t Kuya Arthur admirable? What do you think? Share your thoughts and comments below!

Source: KAMI

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