Lea Salonga Gave One Of Her Followers An Important Lesson About Love And Equality!

Lea Salonga might have been put in the middle of the backlash in these past few days because of her intriguing commentaries on politics and the Duterte administration. The theatre superstar has been heavily criticized by her fans and other critics of the Duterte administration because she gave out a commentary about inflation that did not sit well with some people.

She said in an interview that people need to think why they feel so much towards the rising commodities of prices under this administration, when the same thing happened in some other administration. She said that people should look into themselves because if they want to really be objective then they should have been feeling this way a long time ago. This statement was preluded by another statement in which she says that she’s thankful to the Marcoses. We all know what the Marcoses did a long time ago. The scheming family tried to centralize power and suspended the writ of habeas corpus which signaled the start of martial law here in the country.

But now it seems like her radical and liberating personality is coming back, as she gave out her support and her fervent belief that same-gender unions should be legalized here in our country. Now, that may have fueled an emotion of extreme annoyance on the people who are extremely conservative and somehow backward thinking, but with the majority of the population being more open to this kind of setup, Lea is definitely making a good stand.

In her Instagram account she gave out her full support to the transgender community, saying that “trans rights are human rights.” She also posted a graphic which she captioned with “Trans people will not be erased.”

Being in theatre, Lea has been around LGBTQ+ people all her life. We do not want to stereotype, but it is a given fact that many of our queer brothers and sisters love to perform and are passionate about theatre. This must be the reason why Lea is one in their plight for equality and acceptance.

In her Twitter account, Lea posted some musings, she tweeted that she wonders if ever same gender union will ever be legalized here in this country in this lifetime. One of her followers quickly contradicted her saying that it’s a total disrespect to the Catholic religion and the church. But Lea gave her follower a good clapback, when she said that she did not mean for the marriages to be religious but only secular, hence the term, “secular”.

Source: PEP

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