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12-Year Old Kid Sings Her Version Of ‘Perfect’, Leaves Pink Speechless And In Tears

Concerts are such an energetic place to be in. With the hyped crowd, and the all out performance by the artist, there is no denying that concerts are one of the best places to pick up your mood no matter what you are feeling.

There is a reason why people line up on a very long queue and spend quite a hefty amount of money for concert tickets. For these fans and followers, seeing their idols face to face, even if it is from way at the back of the concert arena, means a whole lot.

But some people are a lot luckier than the others. At times, artists go to the crowd and invite people to either come up on stage with them or sing a few bars of their songs as part of their concert performance.

During this part of the concert, the audience rave and clamor wanting to be the lucky person to get close encounters with their favorite artist. And this is exactly what happened to this 12-year old kid in Pink’s concert.

In the beginning of this viral video, we see Pink coming down from the stage, running towards the audience. She approaches a 12-year old girl named Alecia, and asks her if she wants to sing. The girl, seemingly shy and still in shock of being approached by her idol, asked if she could sing “Perfect.”

Pink then responded to her, telling her that she could sing anything she would like to sing. She offers Alecia the microphone and hesitantly, the little girl took it and started singing a few bars of the song. Much to everyone’s surprise, the girl had an amazing voice, and we could tell that she’s definitely a singer even if she’s only sang a few parts.

Pink was also very much surprised at what she heard. Throughout the video, we can see her shocked face, jaw dropping in utter disbelief of the talent that was manifesting in front of her. There was even a time where she just rested her face on the palm of her hand, gazing in complete admiration of Alecia’s singing.

As soon as the little girl reached the chorus of the song, which we all know has some pretty high notes in it, everyone in the crowd started cheering and applauding. Pink also joined in the party by raising her hands and inviting people to keep on cheering for Alecia.

After the song, the two of them hugged and Pink ends up telling Alecia how awesome she is, and that she should never stop.

Watch Video Here:

Pink Concert

Pink was left speechless by this 12-year-olds incredible cover of “Perfect" 🙏🏻🎤

Posted by The Hook on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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