President Duterte Shocks Everyone With His Newly Hired Presidential Security Aid!

President Duterte may have made some controversial remarks about women in the past which even ticked off women progressive groups here in the country, but it’s quite ironic that she’s now entrusting her life to a female legal aid. Whatever he used to say before, it looks like the President still believes that a woman as security would be the best for him.

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The induction of a new security aid came after Special Assistant to the President Bong Go filed his resignation as he was officially running as a Senator in the mid-term elections come 2019. Bong Go has long been actively trying to get supporters under the table through propaganda sponsored by his supposed friends. During the second quarter of this year, there already had been posters and billboards in various key locations prompting him to run and showing support should he decide to run. Go said that he would never run despite the pressure, but look where he is now. He can still change his mind, we won’t take that away from him.

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Back to the ranch, the new security aid of PDuts is not only any woman, but a beauty queen cop. She has joined various pageants and has even won some of them. For those worrying if this might be Duterte’s new girl toy, no she isn’t, as a matter of fact, she’s already married to fellow police and PDuts himself stood as one of the principal sponsors.

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The cop’s name is Sofia Loren Deliu. She was introduced to the public earlier this week. In her records it said that she finished her degree at Saint Louis University in Baguio where she took up Tourism Management. In 2006, she decided to enter the coveted police school Philippine National Police Academy. After she graduated, her first post was in a regional office where she worked as a chief supply officer.

Because of her beauty, she also became an ambassadress of the police force, when she hosted Pulis @ Ur Serbis aired on UNTV News and Rescue. After that she went on to join the Miss Earth-Philippines where she reached up until the Top 15.

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Watch video here:

Deliu is truly one of a kind. Her alluring beauty and kind demeanor should not be mistaken as weakness or you’ll find trouble. Now that she always be with the President, we’ll surely see more of her. See her stunning pictures here and be mesmerized with her tough but elegant beauty.


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