Regine’s Version of Just Love Would Make You Feel The Holiday Cheer!

Asia Songbird Regine Velasquez made headlines after she transferred to the Kapamilya network after being loyal to the Kapuso station for more than two decades. Many people who belong to the current generation cannot even remember not seeing Regine performing outside of the Kapuso network’s backyard, but early this month, she shook the local show business scene after several hearsays were buzzing around about her supposed transfer.

She kept mum for about a month until just this October 17, she went to ABS-CBN’s office to sign a two-year contract, making her a certified Kapamilya. There were many rumors as to what cause her sudden decision to shift, some people are saying that she was offered half a billion by the Kapamilya network. Other say that her husband, singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid influenced her decision to shift stations.

But during her press conference, after her contract signing she personally put all these rumors to rest. She admitted that Ogie was one of the factors but he was not the primary reason why. Regine simplified her explanation and said that she simply missed singing and since there are not much avenues to showcase her singing prowess in the other network, she decided to transfer. She added that there’s no guarantee until her career and her body would allow her to sing so now that she’s past her youth, she simply wants to take the risk and be part of what she called as the “Number 1 station”.

After the contract signing, ASAP, the Sunday concert show officially announced that Regine would be part of their Sydney tour. This serves as Regine’s launching and also her welcome to the weekly show. ASAP stage is shared by the best of the best in the industry. Some of the mainstays are Gary V., Zsa Zsa Padilla, Martin Nievera, Sarah Geronimo, Ogie Alcasid, and know Regine Velasquez herself.

The television broadcast of the said tour would be next week, but because of the internet and users who are so eager to show what happened, a lot of sneak peeks can already be seen in Youtube. One of these sneak peeks features Regine together with other Kapamilya stars singing the 2017 Christmas station ID of ABS-CBN titled “Just Love”.

Fans loved hearing the newest version with Regine on it, being the queen and the talented vocalist that she is, she was able to flawlessly add another flavor and another depth to the said song. Her powerful vocals soared effortlessly and her greatness and years of singing experience resonates even without her trying.

Regine is set to appear in ASAP every Sunday. She is also part of the judging panel of the newest singing show, Idol Philippines which will be shown soon in the Kapamilya network.

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