Pauleen Luna Shocks Everyone With Her Bikini Ready Body!

Pauleen Luna aims to prove to everyone that there’s still hotness after pregnancy. It had been almost a year since she gave birth to her firstborn Baby Tali and yet she now topples barriers and make heads turn around because of her bikini-ready body. In a recent vacation by the Sotto family, Pauleen showed her beautiful figure in a black bikini which highlights her complexion and her sizzling figure.

Pauleen might be Vic Sotto’s second wife, but there’s nothing secondary about her beauty and her figure. Besides from that, you can see just how devoted she is to her husband and how much she loves him. She also is a good home maker. She willingly halted her career and her offers just to be a full-time mother to Tali, until such time that she is well-taken care of and she can resume back to acting.

Pauleen and Vic Sotto’s wedding and relationship has been overwhelming for some due to a lot of different reasons. Their May-December love affair spanning almost two decades can be considered as deviant, if you think about it, Vic is already in his 20’s and Pauleen was just a baby at that time, yet they met at a time where they are both ready to fall in love and have both been mature enough to know the repercussions and handle the responsiblities that having a romantic commitment entails.

Other people also doubt Vic’s intention since he’s a known womanizer and has already been in a number of relationships. Prior to Pauleen, he has been linked to Connie Reyes, Dina Bonnevie, Pia Guanio, just to name a few. But Vic proved that Pauleen really is a special girl for him and he even put a ring on it to assure everyone that he’s really serious about their relationship.

Pauleen has now adjusted to the life of being a Sotto and being a mother to Tali. She also began to focus on herself more. She is still a celebrity after all and there are a lot of expectations asked from her. First of these, is that she needs to make sure that she’s physically appealing when she’s in front of the television.

Well, it seems like she have it all in stride, just look at how gorgeous she looks right now and you’ll know that she surely can handle it all. Motherhood seems to be a good thing for Pauleen!

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