Five Female Local Celebrities Who Drive The Best Cars!

Celebrities seems to have all the perfect luck in the world. They have grand houses, lots of money, people adore them, and they get everything they wanted all because they were famous. Nowadays, being famous would grant you a lot of favors. It entails a lot of wondrous things, even beyond our greatest imagination.

Being famous makes one powerful. It’s not everyday that someone would be able to go to the bank and withdraw large amounts of money but don’t fret, being famous would actually allow you to do so. If you’re famous, especially if you’re part of the entertainment industry there’s no need to second guess yourself, the projects that would come your way would pay you in huge amounts of cash. If you reach the peak of your popularity, the money also grows, and it’ll take several lifetimes to even spend and use that large sum of money.

Being famous makes one influential, an opinion maker and everything he or she would say would influence a person, for the good or for the bad, no one can guarantee, but one thing is sure, being famous and being popular surely sets one’s image and personality at a very high regard. Here in the Philippines, our celebrities often run in public office when they reach their senior years, and they’re good at it. A lot of them win and it’s because people actually believe in their name recall and in their influence.

Now, as we talk about influence and money, here are five female celebrities who certainly know how to invest their money in good things, their cars.

1. Maja Salvador

Kapamilya actress Maja Salvador owns an Mu-X, it is Isuzu’s top of the line offering in its SUV line of cars. Maja received it as a gift during her birthday. She didn’t spend anything as it was a gift from the company because she’s their endorser.

2. Janine Gutierrez

The Kapuso sweetheart and primetime leading lady is a proud owner of a Dodge Durango. Its price is estimated to be a whooping 3 million pesos. Durangos are very spacious and can certainly meet the demands of a very busy girl like Janine.

3. Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis is one of the leading endorsers in the country. Her reach and influence can cover both the elites and the lowe class. She’s a superstar who can sell even the most unappealing items. Well, she owns a 5 million priced Audi Q5. Audis are known to be a brand of luxury- well it’s just fitting for the one and only Anne Curtis.

4. Georgina Wilson

This Filipina model whose face and beauty traverses foreign seas surely knows how to invest in her cars. She owns a prime Jaguar F-Type Coupe. A breakthrough in European Engineering, this certain model is priced at 3.5 million and up!

5. Isabelle Daza

Like her other It Girl friends, the daughter of a former beauty queen would settle for no less. She just happens to own an Aston Martin. Just the name sends shivers down our spine. Aston Martin is known for its commitment to luxury and elegance. The price is nothing short of fancy, this certain model is almost 14 million.

There you have it, our list of celebrities who have the most drool worthy cars! Which one’s your pick?

Source: Kami

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