Store Attendants Volunteer To Give Off Jewelry To Burglars Attempting To Rob Their Store

Law breaking nowadays appear to be extremely normal. As apparent as it is, the rate of offense develops to an ever increasing extent every single day. We regularly observe them on the news, read them on daily paper, and even find out about them straightforwardly from our friends and neighbors.

Presumably a standout among the most widely recognized type of this wrongdoing is burglary. Robbery cases has altogether expanded over various nations everywhere in the world during the past decades. Indeed, this has turned out to be common to the point that wrong-doers don’t appear to fear the law any longer. There are even occasions of burglary that has occurred without trying to hide.

In the past, these cases only happened during the night when people are asleep and the dark of the night conceals their identities so they would not be caught by the authorities. But nowadays, these people who commit misdemeanors no longer fear the law.

Because of these instances, several property owners and technology companies have developed and invented ways on how to prevent and avoid these cases. There are now CCTVs, robbery alarms, and even bulletproof glass walls for their stores.

But these technological advances would just be wasted if the people attending to properties would give in to robbers anyway. Just take this video for example.

In this viral video that has been circulating online, a robbery case has turned into a sight of humor when two store attendants did the funniest and probably the most foolish thing one can do. In the footage, it shows two robbers wearing helmets and masks, and other stuff that conceals their identity were seen trying to break into a gold jewelry store.

The store, being that it carries expensive accessories, geared up for incidents like this. The store front was protected by a thick layer of bulletproof glass which is why the glass was not breaking despite the forceful attempts of the robbers to get in.

There were parts of the store front that were shattering but they were not enough to get to the jewelry. However, one of the men in mask gestured to one of the store attendants and motioned for her to give them the jewelry through the small hole in the window. Much to everyone’s surprise, the woman gave it to them.

She did not only give away one tray of jewelry, but almost all of it. In this case, netizens had a good laugh because they thought that the robbers were trying so hard to break the glass, when in fact one of the employees of the store only needed to be asked.

Watch Video Here:

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