Korina Sanchez Joins Mader Sitang In Her Famous Dance Craze

Working for the television is one big deal. Whether you are a celebrity, a sports icon, a politician, or a newscaster, you put your reputation on the line whenever you appear on screen, especially if it is for a huge television network like ABS-CBN.

Being a public figure means you subject yourself to be scrutinized and judged by many viewers and people. This would be the reason why they are paid a hefty amount of money since their names are always on the line and are offered to public.

Among celebrities, there is such a thing called branding wherein a celebrity’s image is always being taken cared of so that they will appear to be a certain persona towards the public. Among politicians, it is a sort of brand that is always welcoming and open to the Filipino citizens. For newscasters, however, they have to maintain a professional and unbiased front to retain their credibility in delivering the country’s current affairs.

Because of this, most newscasters are typecasted to be stiff, and have no idea of what fun is. We rarely see them in casual situations and so this perception of them prevail. But of course, even newscasters are people, too. They have their own way of having fun, and sometimes, they get assigned news stories that allow them to show their vibrant side.

Take the case of Korina Sanchez, for example. As a long-time news anchor of one of the country’s biggest news programs, Korina has always been seen as the classy and uptight one. But with her show entitled Rated K, we get a glimpse of how bubbly and fun she could get.

In a recent episode of the said Sunday show, Korina was able to interview one of the most trending icons in the Philippines nowadays. She is none other than Mader Sitang, a Thai woman who has been rather popular in several social media platforms due to her crazy dance videos.

In the episode, Korina shows us the other side to her by jumping in the bandwagon and joining Mader Sitang in busting out their crazy moves on the dance floor. Much to everyone’s surprise, Korina did pretty well and looked like she was actually having fun despite how foolish they may appear to other people.

This only goes to show that people are not always defined by how we constantly see them. All humans, public figure or not, are multifaceted and should not be boxed in one perception.

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Source: ABS-CBN

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