Aiko Melendez Volutarily Undergoes Tests For Substance Use To Show Example Among Fellow Actors

In the world of show business, careers are not as steady as those that need college degrees. As an industry that mainly depends on trends and what is current and relevant, not all celebrities are able to maintain a consistent career throughout their lives.

Some actors become television staples, meaning we have seen them consistently in different shows, movies, and talk shows, but are not necessarily extremely famous. And then there are those who are just lucky enough to have a loyal set fans and followers making them always popular and relevant.

Some actors, on the other hand, go on a consistent career and then suddenly goes on hiatus for a time. They will be gone from television screens and will not have any projects for quite a long time until one day, they make a come back and surprise viewers with their rebranded selves.

A case in point of this situation is none other than celebrity turned public official, Aiko Melendez. She was gone from showbiz for quite some time, especially when she served her community as a counselor. But she slowly rebuilt her career and it skyrocketed back to popularity after she was casted as the main antagonist in the show Wildflower.

Her consistent banter and tirades with the show’s lead actress, Maja Salvador caused her to be one of the most viewed and viral actresses during the year 2017. With her effective performance in the said teleserye, she has indeed cemented her name as one of the most villainous characters Philippine television has ever witnessed.

But contrary to her menacing portrayal of Emilia Ardiente, Aiko Melendez is actually a good citizen of the country who aims to create positive change starting with her community and immediate circle. Apart from serving in politics, she also tries to set an example among her fellow celebrities with small deeds like her recent act of voluntarily getting tested for possible substance dependence

Her tests revealed negative and she shared that she is doing this so that her fellow celebrities would take her lead. “I wanted to set an example to other actors. Well, sad truth is am in (an) industry where [redacted] are rampant. Thank God ang gobyerno naten madaming ginagawa para maiwas tayo… Get high with God and not [redacted],” she shared thru her Instagram captions.

Online followers of Aiko commended her for setting a premier example in getting tested for these kinds of things. We could only hope that this will create the positive change she wishes to implement.

Source: ABS-CBN Push

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