Nash Aguas Reveals Real Reason Behind His Breakup With Alexa Ilacad

One of the greatest secrets of being a successful teenage star in the Philippines is to have a consistent on-screen partner. In a country where love and romance are such a huge deal, having a love team will surely kick off your career in Philippine showbiz.

Undeniably, among the current teen stars that we see on our televisions almost everyday, those who have consistent on-screen love interests have better careers. They gain more fans and followers, resulting to them being offered more teleseryes, movie projects, and even mall shows and interviews. If you have a partner, people become more interested on you, and of course, your love team.

Sometimes, these love interests even go beyond the boundaries of the screen. More often than not, these love teams end up being real-life lovers just like in the cases of Rico Yan and Claudine, Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales, and the recently revealed Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla who have been a real-life couple for more than five years now.

Among the teens whom we have seen to have blossomed into a fine young actor is none other than former Grand Kid Questor, Nash Aguas. From the cute and adorable little boy that we saw, he has now turned into a promising actor who has a consistent career with his home network, ABS-CBN.

He also has had his share of romance within the showbiz world as he was in a relationship with fellow teen actress, Alexa Ilacad. As a matter of fact, these two were one of the strongest pairs among teenage loveteams, and it probably had to do with the fact that they were a couple even behind the camera.

Sadly, however, it is no longer news to us that these two have already decided to call off their relationship around two years ago. It was such huge news among netizens when Nash Aguas started taking down his Instagram photos of him and Alexa.

In an interview for his new movie Class of 2018, Nash shares that she agrees with Alexa. According to him, they really did grow up and grew apart. He admits that on the initial stages after their breakup, there were awkward moments, but he is happy with how things turned out for the two of them. Finally, they are more comfortable with each other and can actually work with each other despite their past.

On the other hand, things are looking good with Sharlene San Pedro and Nash as they have shared a long friendship since their Star Circle Quest days. The two are now teaming up for Class of 2018 together with other teen stars like CJ Navato, Kristel Fulgar, Kiray Celis, and a lot more.

Source: ABS-CBN

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