22 Filipino celebrities who left the limelight for a quiet life abroad

Are there any Filipino celebrities you miss seeing on TV and film? Do you know what happened to them, or what made them leave the celebrity life, if they did? Well, check out this list of Filipino celebrities who left their celebrity status in the Philippines to live quieter lives abroad. You might be surprised to see some of the stars you miss, living their best lives overseas!

These are 22 celebrities, who, for one reason or the other, chose to move to a different country. See how their lives have been, and their reasons for settling for a life far from the spotlight.

  1. Krista Ranillo

Just look how blissfully happy Krista looks with her husband Niño Jeff Lim and four kids! They are currently based in the States.

2. Red Stenberg


One of the Filipino celebrities who bowed down from the spotlight is “T.G.I.S.” star Red Sternberg. He apparently left to settle in Florida with his family. There, he works as a Corporate Director of Housekeeping for a resort.

3. Kurt Perez



After winning StarStruck 2014, his showbiz life was short-lived, for he promptly migrated to Australia with his family.

4. RJ Padilla

via gmanetwork.comAnother one of the Filipino celebrities who moved to Australia is RJ Padilla, who migrated there with wife Bianca Padilla and two kids.

5. Ate Glow

via gmanetwork.comFamous impersonator Renee Facunla, better known as Ate Glow, married his British boyfriend last year. They now live together in London.

6. Bb Gandanghari



Reports say the beautiful BB Gandanghari is currently working as an Uber driver in the States.

7. Serena Dalrymple


This former child star is now a corporate professional in New York City, after pursuing further studies abroad.

8. Gian Magdangal

via gmanetwork.comHe is permanently settled in Japan with girlfriend Melissa Bell.

9. Julia Clarete


Former Dabarkad Julia Clarete now lives a quiet life in Malaysia with her kid.

10. Belinda Panelo

via gmanetwork.comThis commercial model and former VJ also chose to settle in the States with her family.

11. Princess Punzalan


This kontrabida everyone loves to hate left show business in 2005. She is now a nurse in the United States

12. Tootsie Guevarra



Tootsie left showbiz in 2003 to migrate to California.

13. Kim delos Santos


Kim is now happily settled in New Jersey.

14. Anjanette Abayari


This former beauty queen is now now a U.S. citizen

15. Jewel Mische


Look how happy this Starstruck find looks now!

16. G Tongi


G is now a producer for American TV. She lives in the US with her husband and two kids.

17. Ehra Madrigal


Ehra is living the American dream after marrying her boyfriend in Boracay.

18. Cindy Kurleto


Cindy spent 8 years in Peru before permanently moving to Austria with the whole family.

19. Nancy Castiglione


The beautiful Nancy Castiglone is among the former Filipino celebrities who have found a home in Canada.

20. Joyce Jimenez

via gmanetwork.comThe former sexy star built a family with Fil-Am husband in the States.

21. Beth Tamayo


Meanwhile, Beth chose San Francisco, USA, as her permanent settlement with boyfriend Alexander Gredysa.

22. Carol Banawa


This year, this former famed singer will officially be a nurse in the United States.

SOURCE: GMA Entertainment

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