Ryan Eigenmann Stirs Up FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano Fans As He Joins The Cast Of ABS-CBN’s Long-Running Primetime Show

After Mara Clara which ran for four and a half years, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano comes next to the record of ABS-CBN’s longest running primetime show. Since its airing in 2015, it has continuously soared in terms of ratings and have captured a loyal set of viewers in the Philippines.

Now on its third year, and also its third season as they say, the show continues to provide its audience something to look forward to by combining the right amounts of drama, action, thrill, suspense, and even a little comedy. With its three years of running, it has given birth to several plot points, characters, and even some of the most talked about scenes on national television.

One of the reasons why this show has gone to such great heights is because of its high-caliber cast spearheaded by indie film king himself, Coco Martin. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that among the cast is the wife to the late King of Philippine Cinema, Susan Roces. Other than these two, the show takes pride on its powerhouse cast that include Roel Santiago, Angel Aquino, John Arcilla, and even some of the most popular teen starts of this generation.

Apart from its amazing cast, its production value also adds to the whole brilliance of the show. With Coco Martin being the creative consultant of the show, we are sure to expect nothing but the best in terms of scenes and character portrayal. But apart from the plot twists, the romance, the action-packed encounters, and some of the cast’s funny antics, one of the things that people look forward to in this show, are its villains.

Kicked off by Arjo Atayde in such a convincing and remarkable portrayal of what an antagonist is, the show has sustained the audience’s attention and interest by continuously providing the story extremely interesting villains. Add to that the fact that these villains are portrayed by some of the greatest actors we currently have in Philippine showbiz.

Just recently, the fans and followers of the show were surprised by the appearance of yet another character in the story. On its October 16, 2018 episode, the audience are given a glimpse of a possible antagonist in the teleserye’s story, and this is played by none other than Ryan Eigenmann, who is debatably one of the most villainous faces we have ever encountered on primetime viewing.

People are getting excited as to where Ryan’s character will lead the story, and what his contribution to the struggles of Cardo Dalisay would be.

Source: ABS-CBN

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