Videos of Kathryn Bernardo Going Bubbly And “Hyper” During A Party Surfaces Online

Undeniably, one of the country’s biggest stars right now is Kathryn Bernardo. Born on March 26, 1996, Kathryn is a Kapamilya actress who has been part of the show business since her younger years. She debuted on television as part of Goin’ Bulilit’s original cast, and further gained popularity when she was casted as Makisig Morales’ quirky yet strong headed best friend in Super Inggo.

Kathryn was seen by many as an adorable child star, but not very many imagined how beautiful she would turn out. As a kid, they thought Kathryn would just be another ordinary teenage star, but this pretty miss proved everyone wrong when puberty struck her good.

All of a sudden, the young and quirky kid we saw on our favorite Sunday kiddie gag show has turned into a gorgeous and graceful swan. It was then that she was paired with celebrity royalty Daniel Padilla and her career just sky rocketed to new heights she probably never thought she would reach.

Their pair started in an ABS-CBN show that was aired in 2011. It was entitled Growing Up, and the show focused on friendship and family. It was one of those family-oriented shows starred in by a few of the up and coming teen stars of the Kapamilya network. Nobody really thought that this pair would be as big as they are now in the film industry. Thank heavens, a show like Growing Up kickstarted their love team, and people started seeing the chemistry between the two of them.

Ever since, Kathryn and Daniel, or KathNiel as their fans and followers would call them, have starred in numerous television series, been casted as supporting actor and actress to several big films, and even top-billed some of the top-grossing and most successful films of Star Cinema and ABS-CBN.

Since their pairing, Kathryn has always been seen by many as the timid classy lady. She would always be soft-spoken in her interviews and would always appear to the public as the prim and proper persona that we imagine her to be. This, of course, in contrast with how Daniel carries himself in public.

But Kathryn is not just a dainty little missy, as she recently proved that she also knows how to have fun. In a viral video that has surfaced online, Kathryn is seen cheerfully dancing and shouting in joy during a friend’s party. She was also aware that she was being filmed, but didn’t seem to care about how people would react to this. In fact, she was just having the time of her life and being her bubbly self that she even made funny faces to the camera.

This may be somewhat different from how we perceived her, but for a young lady who works as hard as her, she deserves all the fun she could get in a night out with friends.

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Source: YoutubeThe PINOY Channel

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