OFW Seeking Help From Employee’s Misconduct Gets Schooled By Netizens On How To Be Professional

Life in the Philippines, especially for the lower and middle ranks of the social ladder, is not always rainbows and butterflies. As a matter of fact, life in a third world country like ours can be very challenging especially to those big families who have meager salaries to spend.

Lucky are those who were born into affluent families as they do not have to worry about where to look for food, nor money to sustain a decent living.But for more than half of our population, tremendous hard work and extra effort is required just so you could live comfortably.

Because of this situation, others are left with no choice but to seek greener pastures elsewhere in the world. For a very long time now, we have been exporting human capital by sending off Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to foreign lands just so these people could provide better opportunities for their families.

As a country with such high affinity to our family members, leaving for a foreign land and being separated from their partners and their kids is one really tough thing to do. But these individuals endure the loneliness and the challenge of being far from their loved ones just so they could secure a better future.

Apart from being away from home, our Overseas Filipino Workers also have to go through different kinds of struggles. Some of them are not lucky enough to have good or kind employers and others even do not treat them right physically. Often, we see Facebook posts of our fellow citizens overseas who are calling for help due to the improper treatment they get from employers.

However, there are rare cases wherein OFWs would call out for help, but instead, get called out for their wrong doings. Such is the case with this recent viral post circulating among various social media platforms, especially Facebook.

In the said post, an OFW sought help as she claims that her employer has physically ass4ult3d her. However, in a series of other posts, netizens found out that the reason why the OFW was sc0lded by her employee was because she was not doing her job well.

She was caught taking a lot of alluring selfies wherein some parts of her body were not properly covered. In a strict country like Saudi Arabia, women are strictly prohibited to show parts of their body, and house interiors are strictly prohibited from being posted online.

Both of these rules were violated by the said OFW which is why most netizens had to school her on how to be professional instead of giving her the help she was asking for.

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To: Philippine Consulate Jeddah KSAPaki assist itong si Marivic Compendio na humihingi ng tulong!😢😢😢

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