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Netizen Shares Frustration About People Leaving Their Waste In Boracay Just A Few Hours After Its Soft Opening

We Filipinos have been gifted with such abundance of natural resources. With 7,107 islands, we are sure to be surrounded by the grandest landscapes and the most pristine of beaches. With our wealth of sceneries, it’s no longer a surprise that most foreigners flock to our country to experience the beauty of nature.

Anywhere you go in the 81 provinces of the country, you can see a richness of beauty in its picturesque surroundings. There’s the world renowned Banaue Rice Terraces, the rich marine diversity of Palawan, the colorful hues of Mindanao, and of course, who can forget the most famous island of Boracay.

Apart from Palawan, Boracay is probably the most visited tourist spot in the country. With its crystalline waters and fine white sand beaches, we can’t really blame people for wanting to spend their days in this paradise of an island. However, with the numerous tourists that have clamored into this tiny piece of heaven, nature has been mismanaged and it needed be closed for its rehabilitation.

This has been a rather huge issue in the country especially now that tourism is at its peak. People have had their own take about the closure and most of them were not happy about it. But as it is, the island needed some time to breathe and it was granted to nature.

During its 6-month closures, several rehabilitation projects have been enacted on the island. While most of the island’s communities have not benefited from this closure, we can still say that the beaches had the most improvement. Several photos have circulated online and the stunning beauty of the island is back.

This is why a lot of people got extremely excited about the news of its reopening. Just recently, they have had a soft-opening of the island wherein they let in a specific number of guests. However, it seemed as though people never learned. Just a few hours into the soft-opening of the island, a netizen shared some photos of trash being left on improper places.

The photos showed several styro cups being left lying on the ground, or on plant boxes and pots. This has raised a ruckus in the online community as people don’t want this beautiful island to be closed again. Many netizens took to social media their cries of warning and opposition to such undisciplined act.

We can only hope that this social media post will serve as a call to action towards people. It was pollution that closed Boracay down in the first place, let’s not let that happen again.

Watch Video Here:

WATCH: The soft opening of Boracay officially begins today after being shut down for rehabilitation in April. | via Walter Bollozos/ STAR

Posted by Philippine Star on Sunday, October 14, 2018


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