Francis Magalona’s Youngest, Arkin Creates Buzz Online With His Flawlessly Good Looks

Being born to a family of celebrities is one of the most definite way into stardom. If your parents are celebrities, it’s highly likely that you will pursue the same careers as them. It would also be a lot easier for you to gain an advantage over other people as your parents would have the necessary connection to propel you towards the limelight.

Celebrity families are a huge thing in the Philippines. We see a lot of clans whose family members, and almost all of them, have gone into the world of show business. There are the Padillas whose careers go way, way back when all of us were innocent children.

There’s also the Valencianos and Pangilinans whose younger generations are slowly making it to the spotlight, and of course, there are the Magalonas, a family of stars that sprang from King of Rap, the late Francis Magalona himself.

After Francis M’s fruitful career in the show business, we were introduced to her stunningly beautiful daughter Maxene Magalona. She has had a pretty long running career and has worked under GMA until she transferred to rival network ABS-CBN together with her brother Elmo Magalona.

Elmo Magalona is also one of Francis and Pia’s children whose looks are undeniably cut from the same fruit as Maxene’s. There is no doubt that this family is indeed one of the most beautiful families to have ever graced Philippine showbiz with.

Apart from Elmo and Maxene who are obviously active in the showbiz scene, there’s also Sab Magalona who is more of a positive social media influencer. And just recently, their youngest sibling has been making noise around the World Wide Web because of how puberty has made him blossom into a fine man.

The Magalonas recently celebrated their youngest, Arkin Magalona’s 19th birthday last October 9, 2018. Netizens first caught a glimpse of this handsome young boy when her older sister Maxene Magalona posted details of their celebration on her Instagram page.

Everyone was surprised to see that the little boy who used to sit on his father’s lap has now grown into a good-looking young man who almost looks like a mini-me of his late father. Of course, netizens could not help but compare his looks with his father, with some of them saying that he almost looks like the late King of Rap. Most netizens, of course, focused on how handsome the boy was and how he has a huge shot at showbiz.

Source: Instagram

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