14 Female Celebrities Who Have White Flawless Skin!

Light skin tones are admired greatly in our society. Fair skin is actually a symbol of royalty for many people. The milkier the skin, the higher up in class you were, in theory. Some people have a preference for white or fair skin, and some don’t. Although it is hard to argue with that on a cultural level, the lighter skin has always been perceived as ‘more’ beautiful.

Actually, most of the beautiful celebrities have a skin that is as white as snow. Well, there are still some who actually stands out among other. Wanna know them? Take a look at this list of the female celebrities who have a fair skin!

14. KIM DOMINGO – she was an Internet sensation before becoming an FHM model and actress.


13. VICKIE RUSHTON – she is a beauty queen and fashion model before she entered the “Pinoy Big Brother” house.


12. ARCI MUNOZ – she joined “Star Struck” and recently became trending after a surgery.


11. JULIA MONTES – the former “Goin’ Bulilit” child star rose to fame again when she played as Clara in “Mara Clara” remake.


10. SOFIA ANDRES – this Star Magic artist used to be a supporting actress before but now has a show where she plays as a lead actress.


9. YASSI PRESSMAN – she is one of the most outstanding dancers of today and is the current love team of Coco Martin.


8. SUE RAMIREZ – she is already a celebrity but even became more famous when she did song covers online.


7. COLEEN GARCIA – she used to be a shy girl but after posing for sexy photo shoots, she captured the attention of many and is now one of the sexiest women in the country.


6. BEA ALONZO – she is one of the veterans of Star Magic and one of the best actresses in the industry. She is best known for her character Basha in “One More Chance”.


5. LOISA ANDALIO – after joining the “Pinoy Big Brother”, she started doing TV series and was partnered with different teen leading men.


4. JESSY MENDIOLA – she was hailed as the sexiest woman in the Philippines in the year 2016.


3. MARIAN RIVERA – she is the Kapuso Queen of Teleserye and became famous after doing “Marimar”.


2. JULIA BARRETTO – she is perhaps one of the prettiest faces in the show business and started as a commercial model when she was just a kid. Her breakthrough role was when she did “Vince and Kath and James”.

1. LIZA SOBERANO – this half Filipina and half American actress was declared as the new and millennial “Darna”.

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