Watch Girlfriend Prank Her Guy By Attaching A Fake Snake Into His Belt Loop In This Funny Video

Pranks are all over social media right now. Apart from dance crazes, challenges, adorable pets, and cute babies, pranks probably rank as one of the most common videos shared and watched all over social media nowadays.

It is amazing to think how people do not run out of ideas for these pranks. It’s as if when you think you have already seen every prank possible, they come up with a new idea and, of course, it goes trending worldwide.

You have the frog and cellphone prank, the ghost prank, and a lot more. As a matter of fact, other social media influencers and vloggers put up YouTube and other social media channels dedicated to exhibiting all sorts of pranks. Most of them do it on their friends, while others do it on public with random people as their v1ctims.

In a recent video uploaded to Instagram, we yet again see another form of prank that involves fake snakes. In the video, we see a guy down to the ground as he was probably doing some gardening. He was attending to some plants in front of him, until his girlfriend, maybe out of boredom, tried to pull a prank on him.

The girl friend had a fake snake toy. It looked very realistic with its green color and snake skin pattern, not to mention its v1cious looking eyes. It was formed into a coil with its head propped up as if it was ready to att4ck any prey.

On its head, a nylon string was attached. At the other end of the nylon string was a hook which the girlfriend uses to pull the prank. The girlfriend attaches the hook to one of the belt loops of the guy’s pants. He was completely oblivious of what was happening behind him.

Once the hook was successfully attached, the girlfriend started calling out to the guy. It was in another language but she probably told him that there was a snake behind him. The guy immediately turned around, and as soon as he saw that fake snake, he started running. He was so scar3d that he even ended up tumbling and rolling on the ground as he tried to flee from the snake.

But since it was attached to him, it made the illusion of the snake trying to chase him. Out of f3ar, the guy didn’t immediately notice that the snake was fake and just kept running until the end of the video.

Watch Video Here:

Haha That's so hilarious

snake prank!Credit: Instagram

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