BoybandPH’s Markus Paterson Gets Involved In A Road Mishap, Gets Robbed Before Getting Rushed To The Hospital

The Korean entertainment trend has been greatly popular among the Philippines. As early as 2007 we have had a lot of influence when it comes to what we consider pop. Starting that year, popularity of several Korean groups have increased more and more.

As a matter of fact, most of the country’s top music charts would always have Korean songs in them. Several artists and groups from the said country have also been frequenting the Philippines to perform tours and concerts, and fans and followers from the country flock to where they will perform.

These Korean groups have been so famous that even the celebrities in our country secure tickets to their shows. Others even consistently verbalize their interest and liking on these Korean stars. This is why it is no longer a surprise that one of the country’s biggest network would try to achieve the same form of entertainment by putting up a show that would form a boyband.

ABS-CBN launched Pinoy Boyband Superstar a couple of years back in their attempt to experiment on forming a group of guys that would resemble those of the KPop groups in Korea. Since its grand finals, the winning members were formed into a band called BoybandPH.

They have since released an album and was even one of the artists who performed ABS-CBN’s Station ID in the past years. Each of the members have also been gaining fans and followers over the years. Recently, however, one of their members headlined the news as he was involved in a road mishap.

BoybandPH member Markus Paterson recently got into an acc1dent when he slammed into a road barrier. According to reports from TV Patrol, Markus flew off his motorcycle and was seen in pain as he was attended to by the emergency unit.

Markus claimed that he was not able to see such barriers and that the people who picked him off the street actually robbed him. He mentioned that the very same people took away his wallet. Fortunately, there was not an extreme impact on his body.

First responders, however, mentioned that there is a deformity on his right leg which may be a manifestation of a fracture. Markus might have broken a few bones but nothing is confirmed until the X-ray results are out.

Despite the mishap, fans are just happy that their idol is doing well and nothing serious has resulted from the accident.

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