LIFE HACK: Here’s What You Should Use As An Alternative To Ironing Your Clothes

Life is hard and sometimes, money is hard to come by. It is because of this fact that some people are not able to afford themselves some necessities. But of course, there are creative people who find workarounds in the absence of some necessities, just like the guy in this video.

The video starts in what looks like a small rented room. It had wooden walls and some clutter could be seen here and there. On the main focus of the screen, you see a bed with a red floral blanket laid on top of it. A pillow wrapped in a green floral case resting on top of the bed.

At the center of the bed, another blanket was spread and on top of it was a white button up shirt that looked like a guy’s uniform. It looked all wrinkly and needed of some good ironing. Unfortunately, the guy who owned the shirt didn’t have any flat iron to straighten his clothes.

And then he comes up with this brilliant idea, which we all might as well use as a life hack if we don’t have a flat iron at home. He comes out from the left side of the screen carrying a colander from a rice cooker. It even has rice in it and it seems that the rice was still hot and newly cooked.

Following the same concept of a flat iron where a heated flat surface is used to straighten out our clothes, he used the bottom of the rice cooker and slid it back and forth on one side of his uniform. Just like that, and voila, he has an improvised flat iron that doesn’t even need to be plugged in.

He moves the rice cooker to the other side of the clothing and he starts ironing that side. This time, he does a different technique by changing his movement. Instead of sliding back and forth, he twists and turns the rice cooker to make sure that each spot of the shirt is covered and ironed out.

He laughs at himself and at what he was doing while the scene plays out, and you can also hear people laughing behind the camera. It may be pretty funny, but he has seriously created and invented a new alternative for people who are not rich enough to buy a flat iron for themselves. True enough, ingenuity and creativity could really take you a long way.

Watch The Video Below:

Posted by Kirk Timcang Jilo on Sunday, September 9, 2018

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