WATCH: Amazing Video of How To Achieve That Perfect Smile

We can all agree when we say that one of the greatest factors that add to a person’s face value is their smile. Having nice teeth and a charming smile can illuminate one’s face, making them look more radiant and good looking.

There’s just something about people’s smiles that makes us feel good. It doesn’t matter if it came from a friend, a colleague, a family member, or even someone we don’t know. Being smiled at always warms our hearts. But while this is true in most occasions, there are also those people whose smile make you env10us.

These are the people with the perfect set of pearly white teeth, all lined up flawlessly. Of course, not all people are gifted with these nice set of dentals. But thanks to the invention of braces, we now have a way of achieving that sparkling perfect smile.

As children, we all probably disliked getting braces. Apart from the fact that the dentist will be sticking some wires and metals in your mouth, we also did not want to be teased at school. But our parents were always successful in convincing us that they would eventually lead to a beautiful set of teeth, and they were right.

But have you ever wondered how exactly these braces are installed in people’s mouth? In a video posted to Facebook by a page called Dental Buzz, we get a fast-tracked glimpse of the intricate process of putting on dental braces.

First, the teeth are quickly scrubbed, and a gel is applied. This sets the foundation of where the brackets are going to be placed. The gel is then removed, and the teeth are rinsed. The following step is when the adhesive is applied to the teeth this is where the brackets would be planted.

After accomplishing all those initial steps, the brackets are placed one by one on each tooth. Once all brackets are placed, the dentist will double check if the spacing and measurement between each bracket is accurate. After such, some adjustments are made, and the brackets are placed in their final position.

The same process is repeated for the upper set of teeth. After which, the dentist determines the correct size of molar bands and applies it to both sides of the teeth. This is now the part where the wire is placed, making it go through each bracket so it could be tightened in the succeeding sessions.

Watch Video Here:

How Braces are put on?

Posted by Dental Buzz on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The finishing touches are then applied like curling the wire to prevent it from being caught on food.

Source: Facebook / Dental Buzz

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