Pinay Actress Admits To Having Eloped With A Co-Actor Only To Find Out They Shared The Same Biological Father

It is presumably every person’s fantasy to have the chance to meet a young lady whom they could share their emotions to. This is obvious on how even guys get sentimental with the idea of romance; of meeting their perfect partner whom they will consume their time on earth with.

It begins at an early stage of our adolescent years. Folks start taking a gander at ladies in an unexpected way. They begin exerting moves and efforts that occasionally prompt connections. They also start thinking about being intimate with people of the opposite gender.

Teenagers start conceiving ideas of courtship and being in relationships. They start meeting people from the opposite side of the gender fence and they start hanging out with them until their friendships blossom into one that is romantic and intimate.

But many people back in the day were not allowed to have the same freedom that our teens have nowadays. Back then, everything was stricter. Everything was guarded and was bound by the rules parents set about dating. Guys could hardly move around with their girlfriends in the presence of their parents.

This is why eloping was such a big thing among teenagers during the past. We’ve always heard of this term from our parents and grandparents, and we even see them being done in the television shows that we watched when we were younger.

Turns out, these things we see on TV actually have their real-life counterparts, and that ‘tanan’ or eloping was actually done by teenagers back then—even those celebrity teenagers.

Just recently, a Filipina actress admitted to have attempted eloping with a fellow Pinoy celebrity but they were unfortunate in their plan. The said person is none other than the veteran actress Elizabeth Oropesa. According to her, she and action star Philip Salvador tried to elope, and they were able to do so for a very short time.

However, people from Elizabeth’s side of the family went crazy looking for her and upon finding them, took her back. In the whole process of eloping and finding, they also found out that they shared the same biological father, making them siblings. Of course, it would be rather 1ncestu0us if they continued their plan, so they ended up splitting up.

This has been a shocking reveal for everyone. Netizens all over the country could not believe that the major plot twists in the teleseryes could actually happen in real life.

Source: Showbizread

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