Pia Wurtzbach Clarifies Speculations Of A Guy Holding “Something” in Her After Ball Photo

Probably one of the most controversial and most popular Miss Universe of all time is our very own Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Philippines!). Everyone was taken aback when she went all the way to the top 5 of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. With all hopes up, people really hoped she would win only for Steve Harvey to announce that the winner was Colombia.

However, in a surprising plot twist, Steve Harvey admitted to committing a mistake in announcing the pageant’s winner, leaving the crown to our very own candidate. Since then, Pia has been talked about as a historical winner of the said pageant, with her name forever cemented as the most controversial wins in the Miss Universe world.

After winning the crown, Pia Wurtzbach became everybody’s favorite beauty queen, especially that her journey towards being Miss Universe was not at all smooth sailing. Having joined the Miss Philippines three times before she bagged the crown, she met a lot of criticisms and struggles. But being the royalty that she is, she emerged triumphant through all the hardships.

She has been the content of showbiz news with updates about her love life, being in a relationship with one of the hottest doctors around, Marlon Stockinger. The two have inspired many with their picture-perfect relationship and amazing couple photos online.

But in the same way that many showbiz couple face intrigues, these two have not been exempt from the prying eyes of the public. Recently, they have been rumored to have broken up, only for the royal couple to surprise everyone when they attended the recent ABS-CBN ball together.

Shortly after the ball, Pia uploaded photos of her on her Instagram account, giving her fans and followers a play by play update on her daily life like she normally would. However, Pia uploaded one particular image which many found to be very intriguing.

In the photo, Pia was having some deserts in front of the mirror in what appeared to be a glam shot. But netizens noticed a rather naughty reflection on the mirror. It was a guy wearing an all-black outfit that looked like he was holding on something that looked very phallic. Of course, netizens ate this issue up and speculated on what the guy was holding.

But Pia, ever so graceful and queenly, laughed off the issue and released posted clarifications about it. In her IG account, she addresses these concerns and tells followers to react as what they were thinking was impossible to happen since there were a lot of people in the room when the photo was taken.

Source: Showbizread

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