Guy Neglects Baby Crawling On The Street, Continues Playing With His Phone And Avoids Baby

Our parents assume a huge job in our improvement as individuals. A large portion of our personalities and attributes are aftereffects of how our folks brought us up. It depends to a great extent on how we were treated as children, what things we were presented to, and how much love and care we were given.

Indeed, there have been a considerable number of researches that demonstrate how a person’s childhood significantly influences a man’s general identity as a grown-up. Also, obviously, whatever we are currently, we owe to our folks, be it a good attribute or otherwise.

Needless to say, parents are given one of the greatest tasks of raising up a human being and at least attempt to make that child into a responsible citizen. This entails taking care of children, especially during the earliest years of their lives.

And while parents are looked up to for their hard work and perseverance in raising their kids, there are people who are clearly not fit to be parents. Just like the guy in this recent viral video.

In the footage, we see a baby out on the street, crawling his way around the area. The baby is initially seen crawling beside a parked car, and did not have any safety gear on him. Imagine how dirty the street is, and how d4nger0us it is for a baby to be out on the street by himself, all the more crawling on the ground.

The baby keeps on inching his way towards a guy who was sitting on a parked motorcycle. He is seen fiddling with his phone, beer bottle resting on his right side, and a lit cigarette on his left hand. He has obviously seen the baby crawling toward him, but instead of picking the kid up and taking him to safety, he ignores him and even relocates to avoid the child.

The baby tries to follow the guy. This poor kid was probably getting tired of crawling all around the place and was just wanting to be picked up. But the guy just kept on avoiding the baby and keeps on pretending that he didn’t see him.

Until the end of the video, the guy kept on neglecting this scenario, which is why netizens from all over the world took to the comments section their frustration about the guy’s actions. Because seriously, who can just sit through this kind of scenario?

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Grabe nmn ito napaka walang puso!Credits: facebook

Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Source: Facebook

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