Chavit Singson’s Surprisingly Beautiful Daughter Causes Stir Among Netizens

Both young adults and the rest of the older people in the Philippines know who Chavit Singson is. Aside from being a local politician, he has also been labeled as one of the richest people in the Philippines. Known as one of the affluent people residing in the North, he has been the talk of Philippine politics, and sometimes even showbiz due to several talk-worthy aspects of his life.

Chavit is a known multimillionaire who owns a safari type zoo in Ilocos. His collection of wild animals is housed in a mini zoo called Baluarte ni Chavit. Ever since its foundation, it has been one of the most frequented attractions in the area.

Apart from this zoo, Chavit has also been labeled to be living extravagantly as reflected in his choice of pets. While normal people domesticate cats and dogs, this millionaire of a man decided to take tigers as his pets, adding to his overall status as a member of the elite. As a matter of fact, he lives so lavishly that he may be a valid addition to “Crazy Rich Asians.”

He is also a frequent VIP guest in any of Manny Pacquiao’s boxing matches, regardless of where they are held. He has enough money to go back and forth to any continent he desires. But perhaps his most prized possession is not through these material things he is able to acquire but through the children he has been blessed with.

Just recently, one of Chavits many children surfaced online and the internet lost it. We were all surprised to find out that Manong Chavit does not only hold a treasure of wealth, but also keeps a chest of beauty and exquisiteness as seen in the looks of his children, particularly Chelsey Singson who has been the cause of envious looks recently.



According to Chelsey’s Instagram account, she is the proprietor of GoSport Philippines and is also a member of Colourette Clique. Evident on her glowing and seemingly perfect skin, she is also an ambassadress for The Skin Bureau. With her beauty and gorgeous photos, it’s not surprising that she currently has 26.4k followers on her Instagram where she shares most of her travels and bonding experience with her closest families.

Not much has been published about her, but sources say that this beautiful lady is already a mother of one, and is married to a Rafael Sison.

Source: Showbizread

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