Man Swims In A Pond With A Couple Of Alligators, Plays With Them As If They’re His Pet

We’ve always seen how dogs and cats and other domesticated animals are featured on the internet. But rarely do we see people interacting with d4nger0us animals like alligators.

In a recent viral video that has been going around different social media platforms in the World Wide Web, a man is seen having close encounters with one of the wildest creatrues in the animal kingdom, alligators.

The clip seemed to be taken in a huge pond or river. It also looked like it was deep in the jungle. The water was very mucky and none of the bottom of the pond could be seen. There were quite a lot of trees around the body of water, and in the middle, we see a man swimming like he doesn’t have any care in the world.

Since the water was not very clear, the only thing we could see of the man was his head. But just within close distance from him, we also see some other things protruding from the surface of the water. These things seemed to be moving as they look like they are floating int the water freely.

Later in the video, we realized that these protruding things were actually heads of alligators that were living in the pond. And there was not just one alligator, there were probably three or more. As we all know, these animals are carnivores and they hunt flesh and meat for their own food.

Given this fact, the man who was swimming in the pond was not in a good place as we very well know that he could be easily chomped up by the gators swimming around him. But this man was confident with how he deals with alligators. He didn’t even budge a bit when the animals got near him.

Instead, he motions his arms forward as if welcoming the alligator with a pending embrace. The first alligator approaches him and he even touches it, lifting its head above the water. Then the other two swam up to him. Almost at the same time, they reached the guy and the guy did the same thing with their heads.

But these alligators seem to be more aggressive than the first one. They actually attempted to open their mouths and give the man a bite. But the guy was too confident with himself. He didn’t let this happen, and just sank underneath and swam a few distance from the gators. With how calm and collected he was in handling those alligators, we can really say that he knew how to communicate and manage these wild beings.

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Posted by Positive Soul on Monday, October 8, 2018

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