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Neri Miranda’s Mom Gets Admitted To Hospital, Actress Shares How PhilHealth and SSS Helped Her With Bills

We first came to know Neri Naig when she became one of the finalist of Philippine network ABS-CBN’s talent show called Star Circle Quest. As a part of the show’s initial season, Neri became subject of talk among show followers due to her unexpected elimination before the grand finale. It has been an iconic scene with one of the judges telling her she was not voted out of the competition because of talent.

Ever since, she has been around the showbiz world doing acting gigs here and there. For the most part, Neri has been rather low key when it came to her life, until one of her videos circulated online. A few years back, a leaked video of Neri and her now husband Chito Miranda went around several social media sites, as it contained some sc4ndalous content.

It was a hot issue for most people with netizens sharing their unsolicited pieces of advice to the couple. We could also say that it might have scarred Neri as a person as such huge controversy would really get to a person’s soul. But the couple triumphed over this roadblock, and ended up marrying each other.

Overshadowing their scandal, Neri and Chito has won the hearts of the Filipino people because of the grandiose and public wedding proposal that Chito Miranda staged for Neri. It became trending all over social media because of how sweet the proposal was, and probably every girl in the Philippines wished for a Chito Miranda in their lives.

Since then, the married couple have been subject to the public eye as they maintained their own channel, giving updates about their married lives as well as a glimpse of how they are as a family. Becoming social influencers themselves, they have been followed by many people both local and international.

These vlogs normally contain daily events in their lives and sometimes even involve the people they live closely with. Just recently, Neri has posted updates about her mom being admitted to the hospital for 4 days. She even shared a photo of the overall hospital bills and shared her learnings from this experience.

According to Neri, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) and Social Security System (SSS) were a huge help for the hospital bill. Both institutions are government-mandated contributions that are normally deducted from tax payer’s salary. These deductions are not always appreciated by the working class, but Neri claims that it is not something people should nag about.

According to her, it may only look as deductions and may even be an eyesore in our pay slips, but when it comes time for medical health, they are indeed helpful. In her case, her original bill of PHP 79k was reduced to PHP 49k.

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