Gretchen Fullido Shares Messages Sent To Her By Network Executive As Evidence For Her Lawsuit Complaint

Just recently, one of the country’s biggest networks, Kapamilya ABS-CBN, has gotten under public scrutiny when one of their showbiz news reporter took to social media her sentiments about an alleged misconduct of one of the executives of the said network.

According to Gretchen Fullido, she has been subjected to gross improper physical conduct and insinuations by News executive Cheryl Favila and news segment producer Maricar Asprec. Fullido furthered that the incidents have happened way back in 2015 up until 2017 where she consistently received text messages that highly implied mal1cious favors.

Fullido’s legal assistant helped her in filing a formal complaint at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office last October 5, 2018. It was also when news about this case blew up on the internet. Apart from the executives, Fullido also wanted to press charges against Ces Drillon and one other individual from the same company.

Gretchen further shared that Ces Drillon tried to malign or smear her reputation among the people of the news department, telling everyone that she probably called for it. Sources shared that Fullido was fully offended by Drilon’s comments which implied that Fullido somehow led herself towards this sticky situation.

The text messages have been leaked online and they are indeed full of implications of wrong intentions and favors. One of the messages even perpetuated some very mal1cious subtext. In the text, Gretchen was told that she should think of writing stories like differentiating doing the deed and making love. That writing shouldn’t just be something one does, but should entail emotion. She was told that she should always make love with her stories as the executive was very partial to it.

In another message, the executive thanked Gretchen for her birthday greetings, but the sender found a way to lead the message to furthering improper intentions. After thanking Gretchen, the executive tells her that she wants a live rendition of the birthday greetings with her wearing an alluring outfit.

One final message even implied like she was being sc0lded by an executive because Gretchen was apparently standing up for herself and was told she should always be a good girl, probably implying that she should just always say yes to the executive’s requests.

Netizens took to the comment section their opinion on this matter. Most of the people, of course, sided with Gretchen Fullido as she appears to be the oppressed in this situation.

Source: Showbizread

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