Jake Zyrus shares topless workout and story about his transformation

“My [chest] was gone. I couldn’t believe it. My eyes filled with tears over the realization that beneath the bandages was a flat chest—the chest that I had always wanted,”

These were the opening passage in Chapter 1 (Awakening) of Jake Zyrus’ autobiography book “I Am Jake.” The renowned singer made March 29, 2017 as his new birth date after he had a chest operation. After he woke up in the successful procedure, he claimed a new identity and changed his name from Charice Pempengco to Jake Zyrus.

He recalled his experience before, “After years of living in a body that didn’t feel like mine, I felt a sense of ownership. I waited for five years to have my [chest] removed, and then there I finally was—groggy but fulfilled in the post-surgery.”

This might be the reason behind Jake’s confidence to post topless photos in social media. Recently, a photo made rounds online and showed a detail of his upper body. The caption included, “Nagpapaborta na si Jake Zyrus.”

However, it’s not the first time he showed his bare figure. In fact, he posted another topless photo on his Instagram account at the beach last March 2018.

Despite Jake’s success in his transformation, his family seemed to feel the exact opposite about it.

His mother Raquel Pempengco said heated statements against Jake. She commented in a Facebook post yesterday, “Wag lang magkrus landas namin ni Charice dahil papakita ko sa kanya kung sino ang ina niya at sino rin siya”

In addition, Raquel further expressed her negative feelings towards Jake, “Dahil nakalimot na siya. Sobra galit ko sa babaing yan.”

Source: Facebook


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