Thirsty faucet sucks up water instead of pouring it into a pail

Water is an essential part of human’s lives. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of our bodies is made up of water. It is such an integral part of our day to day living that studies have shown that a human body can last longer without food than without water.

In the middle of climate change and global warming, more and more of our water reservoirs are slowly drying up. This also means that the supply of water to citizens all over the worlds are slowly decreasing, considering the amount of people that need it everyday.

Our rainforests, rivers, seas, and even large sources of clean water are depreciating due to human beings’ lack of concern with nature. Pollution is everywhere and year after year, the rate of our wastage increases. Which is why it is no longer surprising that in some parts of the world, no water would run out of the faucets whenever they turn it open.

This is not an unusual occurrence, as it is logical to think that no water would come out if there isn’t anything coming from the source. But a viral video that is recently going around social media platforms, especially on Facebook, shocked us when it showed that even water faucets have gone thirsty because of the immense heat we are subjected to.

In the video, we see a scene of restroom. The camera is focused on the faucet, but we see that beneath it, there is a fairly sized pail with some water in it. There was also a pink dipper inside the pail. The holder of the camera turns the faucet on, and no water comes out of it.

But the shocking thing happened just a few moments after this. The guy behind the camera, as if trying to have a good laugh at their lack and shortage of water supply, picked up the dipper and scooped up some water from the pail.

He takes it up to the faucet until it was close enough for the faucet’s nozzle to touch the water. In a surprising turn of events, the faucet started making some weird noises—sort of the same noise that you hear when you take a sip through a straw, and the cup is nearing empty.

After a few moments, the dipper was empty. All of the water had been sucked up by the faucet. The guy does this another time, probably just to prove that it was really the faucet that took the water. And what do you expect, the faucet does it again and “drinks up” the water from the dipper.

Watch The Video Below:

walang hiya, nauhaw yung gripo sa c.r namin heheh

Posted by Ralph Menard Gobris on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Source: Facebook

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