A girl who emptied a bottle of her drink earned negative reactions from netizens

Life is meant to live with the right balance. Balance come in many forms such as physical balance, spiritual balance and emotional balance. But in today’s high speed, high pressure, and high stress world, keeping up with everything whether it about work, school, family or all three at the same time, can be very difficult.

Even young people are having a hard time working on well-balanced life. It is common for most teenagers to feel stress from time to time. Stress is a normal part of life. What isn’t normal is when they resort in doing activities in order to deal with stress that they are experiencing which can cause harmful effects on their health.

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It is a common knowledge that too much of anything can be bad for your health. A person who lives a life without moderation can be subjected to different health problems. Some people at a very young age are already getting engaged in activities like drinking hard beverages and being dependent on a substance. Teenagers are always fond of experimenting, having tha “yolo” mindset because of this some of them at an early stage can already develop a drinking problem.

Frequently drinking of hard beverages is not good for our health. It can produce a negative impact on anyone’s system that is why drinking is advised to be done in a moderate manner. Girls are nearly likely as boys in experimenting and experiencing an early stage of binge drinking. Heavy drinking can cause a lot of problems in the liver and in the cardiovascular system. It can also sometimes cause accidents and wild behavior if not handled properly.

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In a recent viral video that was uploaded 2 weeks ago, a teenage girl is seen to be drinking while being surrounded by her friends while singing in a karaoke. The video became a viral hit because the girl managed to empty a bottle of a hard beverage in just a matter of seconds. After finishing her drink, it was also heard in the video how her friends cheered for her because of what she did. The video earned a lot of negative reactions from our netizens because of how inappropriate it was while other netizens were concerned about the teenager’s health.

As of writing, the video has already garnered a total of 1.1 million views and 15,634 shares.

What do you think of the girl’s behavior Share your comments below.

Watch The Video Below:

EMPERADOR QUEEN. Drink moderately.(c) Janice Namocot Avanceña

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