This man has the funniest voiceover as he became suddenly disgusted with this man’s runny nose

Having a runny nose is one of the worst feelings ever. You always feel like you can’t breathe because of the mucus blocking the nostrils. In some cases, having a runny nose is paired up with fever, headache, and other types of light sickness.

Having a runny nose means that we must also always wipe it or else, the mucus will just ooze out of our nose. It would really be so embarrassing if a lot of people saw your mucus slowly going out of your nose but it is worse if someone actually caught you, filmed it, and posted it on the internet.

A video went viral on Facebook as it was both funny and somewhat disgusting at the same time as this guy thought he was just sleeping and nothing else was “slowly dropping” from his nose.

In the video posted by Facebook account Danger Boe, it shows that an unidentified man was sleeping and a funny voiceover narration of an African man was encouraging him to sleep because he deserved it.

“Anybody can tell you can do it but it will never happen if you never put your mind into it,” the voiceover first said. He then followed with more encouraging words.

“You can decide on your fate. Sleep high because you study hard. You are the one your parents [rose] to be the man. To raise the family in the future,” he said.

He was about to continue his encouraging words about sleeping until the man’s mucus started oozing from his nose. The narrator then said that someone should wake him up because of it.

The man eventually woke up from sleeping and cleaned his nose, trying to pretend that he was just sleeping and no one saw him with a runny nose.

Currently, the video has more than 74,000 views on Facebook in just three days. The video also garnered 851 reactions, 391 comments, and more than 1,375 shares.

Netizens started tagging their friends on the Facebook section to share this funny video. Some even said that their friends are like that while some reminisced the time when they saw someone like the boy who has a runny nose.

What do you think of the video of this man? Do you think the voiceover was funny? Is the video funny or disgusting? Do you also have friends who are like this? Tell us in the comments section below!

Watch The Video Below:

Wake it up uce😉😅

Posted by Danger Boe on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Source: Facebook

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