Netizens were shocked when this kid swallowed this raw fish!

A viral video of a kid and a fish is going viral on social media as netizens are debating whether it was real or not.

In the video posted by Facebook user Rafael Aires, a kid, presumably an Indian, has a huge raw fish on his hands. He is positioned in swallowing the fish from head to its tail. If it was a challenge or just showing off, the reason behind this video is still unknown.

At first, the kid was reluctant of swallowing the fish but then later on, he positioned again in swallowing it. This time, he just swallowed the fish with an ease.

Netizens were shocked to see that he was able to swallow the fish as a whole without gagging but apparently, there are some who doubt that he did it.

Some said the kid is obviously doing a camera trick to the viewers. They said the kid did not really swallow the raw fish but it was just going behind on the other side of the boy’s face.

“Bruh yall st*pid af if you think that n*gga ate that b*tch, can clearly see that lil n*gga in tha back plottn to catch that bitch..smh for you st*pid h*es,” Mike Suniga III said.

“Can clearly see the fish is not inside his mouth. It’s on his side. You can see the fish is behind his lips. You can also hear the moment the fish falls to the floor after he stops “swallowing” it,” Kuroodo Leandro Gaspar Ditory said.

“If yall fall for this yall would fall for the cut off thumb trick or the i got your nose trick,” Coty Turner said.

“That was kool but i hope yall noe he didnt swallow that,” Martha Hall said.

Some netizens also advised viewers to replay the video to catch the boy’s trick. According to netizen Donnie Caulder, a boy was behind the kid “swallowing” the fish. While viewers are glued to the kid, the other was actually catching the raw fish.

“Watch the boy behind him is catching the fish,” he said.

“The younger man took the fish behind him,” Pimwat Chompoonantakarn agreed.

“Fake..the boy is behind him trying to catch the fish,” Donna Hicks said.

“Good prank bad display lmfao boy in blue catches it the kid didn’t swallow the fish lmfao,” Chris Dery said.

What do you think of the video? Do you think it was real or not? Tell us in the comments section below!

Watch The Video Below:

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Posted by Rafael Aires on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Source: Facebook

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