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Prankster Plays Mean Joke To Guys at An Event Using A Beautiful Lady!

We all love to look at beautiful things and beautiful people. We like to always be surrounded by all things beautiful and to stay connected with personalities that we can consider as aesthetically pleasing. Whenever we encounter people who look beautiful we became extra nice to them and we try to keep them and treat them in good spirits.

If there’s one thing that can easily attract our eyes it is beauty and aesthetics. Even if a person is a stranger, we automatically tend to lean in on them and make them feel welcome with our lives. We love the association with beauty and we like to establish friendships and connections with beauty because we know how other people sees it the way we do.

Despite saying that we don’t like to put prejudice in our decisions, there are times where it is unavoidable and simply comes off naturally. When we see someone who doesn’t look good or doesn’t fit our standards and ideas of what looks good and what does not, then we simply dismiss them easily, we won’t give them another chance, an opposite of what we would do if the person involved is someone good looking.

Although there is nothing wrong with seeing and appreciating beauty, we should still be critical in processing what we see. Sometimes, there’s more to what the eyes see. Most of the times, what we don’t see, that’s where the truth is.

A video clip showing several man who was offered a chance to kiss a beautiful girl, gladly took it. They even looked excited while the guy was asking them questions prior to the kissing session. After the moderator was done asking questions, the guys swooped in and gave the girl a full lip service.

It was all fun and enjoyment, until the moderator asks the girl to tell them her name. Suddenly, they were shocked to hear a guy’s voice say “Carlo Jose”, yes the big, low, and masculine voice came from the fit and toned girl who really looked like a natural born woman moments ago.

The guys were shocked and it seemed like they didn’t want to show just how shocking it was for them. Some of the guys just smirked and some of them smiled, while one of them simply run off.

This is a perfect example of how beauty deceives and how awfully good they can be. If we only use our eyes most of the time we would just be deceived. It is important to use our brains as well, to make sure that things are decided upon carefully and more objectively.

Watch The Video Below:

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