Two-legged robot amazes audience with dance skills

Human beings have proved their advancement in technology after they produced several inventions such as robots. Nearly everyone of us thought the creation of robots would be impossible, but it turned out to be real. A robot is a machine with the abilities of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. There are robots that has a design of a human form and can even act just like a person.

Recently, a viral Facebook video showed how a robot amazed the audience in The Graham Norton Show. The public page that posted the video wrote in the post, “We want one of these dancing robots…NOW!”

In the video, the robot sat on the floor as a man tried to operate it. The robot turned alive and shook its head. It said with a very clear voice, “Do you want something?”
The man demanded the two-legged machine to follow him, however, the robot did not agree.
Amazing things followed after the robot raised its arm seemingly reaching for the man’s hand. It told, “I want to come with you,”

So, the two held each other’s hand and slowly walked together.

Then, the man asked the robot to stand up on a table and it immediately followed this time.
“What do you want me to do?” the robot asked. The man asked it to dance the Korean hit song, Oppa Gangname Style.

As the catchy music played, the robot did the dance steps exactly and ignited fire on the dance floor. It got better as the robot swayed to the rhythm of the song’s chorus.

Watch video here:

The Graham Norton Show: Robot dances to Gangnam Style

We want one of these dancing robots… NOW! 😂

Posted by BBC One on Friday, September 21, 2018

The audience cheered wildly while they watched the robot showed off its dance skills. One of the show’s guest told as he expressed amazement on the robot’s actions. “I literally can’t believe what I’m seeing.”


Source: facebook

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