This Girl Shows How Everyone Should Dance At A Party

A party is a social gathering that usually involves food, drinks, and all sorts of entertainment. There are various types of parties but most of them involve loud music. With loud music, guests are expected to dance whether with their dates, friends or even alone. Not everyone who attends parties are fond of dancing, though. Some are too shy and some just don’t feel like dancing at all.

In a Facebook viral, a woman was caught on camera dancing enthusiastically. It appeared that they were having a get together inside a gymnasium. The people who were seen on the video looked like high school students.

The woman on the viral video showed how everyone should party. In all honesty, her dance wasn’t on a professional level. But that’s the thing about dancing at parties, it doesn’t require you to be good, it only requires you to move with the music. It’s about having fun and being confident enough to dance even if you’re no good.

The people around the woman were also dancing. They weren’t as enthusiastic but they were moving. They were also looking at the woman who was dancing like there’s no tomorrow. She was really setting a vibe that everyone should have as well.

People like her are the ones that make parties really fun an memorable. Confident and outgoing is the type of person that she is. For other people, doing what she did may have been a little embarrassing. In fact, people with so much feeling of shame in their minds wouldn’t even consider dancing like that.

Watch video here:

cuando estas muy motivada

Posted by FonoMeme on Saturday, September 29, 2018

In conclusion, even though it seemed hilarious in nature, it still required a lot of guts. Guts that most people only wish of having. Which lead us to the next important point, if you want to have more confidence, try and do something different every day and observe how it would feel.


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