A Visitor Gets Very Scared of Pet Cheetahh

Most households simply have dogs and cats as pets, the two being the most common domesticated animals from across the globe. Others who are neither feline or canine fans would have different pets, of course, ranging from fish, to turtles, ducks, to sorts of farm animals, to beautiful tamed horses, to even reptiles like iguanas and snakes. Of course that would be according to each of our own perspectives and preferences.

Some people however have extremely intriguing animals as pets. In Middle Eastern countries, wild animals are not uncommon. In fact, they can be seen roaming around the road whilst riding next to their masters in lavish luxury cars like Bugattis and Ferrarris. No biggie, locals are probably used to seeing tigers, lions, panthers and even cheetahs pass them by. Having to visit a house with a wild cat that one is completely unaware of, however is a whole different story from seeing them far off in cars where they have no close interactions with anyone other than their owners.

For example, in a Facebook post shared by entertainment page named “Pulse Live Kenya” a man who was wearing gray and was presumably just a friend who was visiting looked extremely petrified and flat out panicked when he realized that the house had a big cheetah roaming free.

The wild feline looked pretty domesticated and unbothered by he men who were just lounging and smoking from their hookahs and texting on their phones. It even seemed pretty well behaved and harmless as it teasingly played with one of the other guests who sat next to the cheetah. During that moment, the cheetah simply seemed to be an extra large spotted cat. It was not until the man in gray started panicking did the cheetah pick up on the behaviour and temperament of the man.

Quick to its instincts, the cheetah began looming around the said man who at that point climbed on top of a man who was wearing a blue shirt. The scared man clumsily held on to his friend with his arms and legs wrapped tightly around his companion so that he won’t have to confront the wild animal.

Ultimately, they did have to meet each other with the fierce feline harmlessly nibbled on his pants and even ran after him from across the room. The situation was in under complete control, however because the cheetah was domesticated enough to leave the scared man alone and started playing elsewhere.

Watch The Video Below:

When you have a cheetah for a pet

When you don't tell your friend you have a Cheetah for a pet 🙌🙌😂😂source:netng

Posted by Pulse Live Kenya on Saturday, August 25, 2018

Source: Facebook

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