This man’s prank almost hurt his co-worker while working

There are only possible outcomes of a prank. It could only either be downright hilarious or disgustingly annoying. As we all know, we view certain things differently. There are some people who might see it very silly while the other people might it the other way around.

This is what exactly what the viral video about a man who pulled a prank to his other co-worker while he was busy welding a long rusty metal scrap. The prank footage showed that you should never startle any welder while working.

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As of this writing, the trending short clip already garnered thousands of views and shares on Facebook. Aside from that, it also created an instant debate over the behavior of the man who pulled the foolish prank.

As seen in the very short clip, you can immediately notice that the welder on the viral video was busy doing his dangerous task. While he was welding a long rusty scrap metal, his co-worker holding a shovel was seen observing him. It appears that he was planning to do something funny towards him during that time.

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Then, after a few seconds, the man found an opportunity to perform his pan. He tiptoed towards the direction of the welder and suddenly slammed the metal floor beside him. The poor victim, on the other hand, jumped in fear and shock.

Because of the overwhelming fear, the welder left his blowtorch open. Luckily, nobody was hurt when he suddenly threw his electric arc on the ground.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their sentiments over the viral video. Most of them slammed the man for doing such buffoonery on his co-worker like that.

“The guy with the shovel needs to get hit on the head with the same shovel. What the guy did was really dangerous for the welder.”

“Hindi naisip na sa ginawa niya, pwede ikapahamak ng taong nagtatrabaho ng maayos. Kamote siya!.”

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Watch The Video Below:


Posted by Faizal Balamo on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Source: Facebook

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