This kid was so amazed with the magic tricks while the audience are laughing at him

There is no denying that magic tricks always attract applauses and jaw drops from the audience especially in parties. Tricks like pulling a rabbit out of the magician’s hat or being decapitated without being harmed or wounded always win the attention of people and made them wonder if these magicians have God-given powers in making those things possible.

Of course, these magicians do not really possess special powers – well, I think you can count the ability of fooling someone’s eyes as special powers. These magicians usually undergo rigorous magician class sessions and training just to pull one trick.

After all, it is all fun and delight to see someone’s amazed face when seeing a magic trick. This is evident in a Facebool viral video posted by page “Share mo to”.

In the video, a kid was being shown some magic tricks by some of his friends. The magic trick of his friend is making things disappear right in front of the kid’s eye then suddenly appearing at his bag.

The kid was surely entertained as he could not believe that even the big things like a can of perfume will disappear in just a clap of the magician.

Looking at the perspective as one of the spectators, however, the kid was being funny because he is unaware that his friends are fooling him. What the kid doesn’t know is that his friend’s hands were just fast enough to pass the material to his other friend positioned behind the kid.

The video already garnered more than 270,000 views on Facebook in just a month. Netizens were also amused and entertained on how these kids were able to pull off such tricks.

“Mas magaling pa mag magic saten mga kuys. Hahahaha,” Uelrich Cauca wrote as he tagged his friends in the Facebook comments section.

Some netizens are also saying that the real magic trick here is how the kid was able to convince the magicians that he is unaware of what really is happening.

“Sa totoo lang alam nyang ginag*go lang sya, nagpapanggap lang syang di nya alam para gaguhin din yung mga tropa nyang tuwang tuwa haha,” Ben Jackson wrote on his Facebook section.

There are even some netizens who pulled off a “hugot” from the video.

“Ganyan naman talaga eh… Kahit ginag*go ka na.. Tuwang tuwa pa sila.. Kahit nasa likod mo lang ang katotohanan. Sa harap ka lang talaga naka tingin.. Hindi yan maiiwasan.. Yung akala mo totoo na ang lahat. Yun pala pinaglalaruan ka lang talaga. Ps:Wala lang magawa wag nyo na pansinin yan,” Angela Reroma Paguio wrote.

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What The Video Below:

Yung tropa mong naulul sa magic mo

Magic walang daya 😂Video: Johnjell Barilea

Posted by Share mo to on Friday, September 7, 2018

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