Pet owner disciplines his puppy using a toy that looks exactly like his dog

According to professional dog trainers, a dog’s peak for learning and absorbing information is between 2-14 weeks from its birth. However, they also said that dogs can be trained anytime at any age. It’s only the matter of how you will train your dog. On Facebook, a pet owner tried to discipline his dog with a stuffed animal that looked exactly like his dog.

What he did to the stuffed animal, however, scared his actual puppy. The pet owner’s dog’s breed is a Golden Retriever, one of the most popular breeds in the country and in the world.

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In the video, the pet owner seemed to be attempting to train his dog not to go through their trash. Dogs going through trash cans is a common behavior of dogs. The owner was holding his little puppy on the left and a stuffed animal on the right. He demonstrated what could happen if he ever goes through their trash.

At first, he put the stuffed animal near the can. After which, he unmercifully hit the stuffed animal hard and repeatedly threw it around. When he tried to test if his little experiment was effective, he carried his dog and led him near the trash can. As soon as the dog realized that he was near the can, he immediately refused to go. The poor dog was so scared of going near it.

The pet owner may have succeeded with his plan, but according to professionals dogs respond better with positive reinforcement. For new pet owners, training dogs can feel overwhelming yet fulfilling. It’s not a requirement for every pet owner to train their dogs, but it helps to teach them when and where to go to the bathroom.

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For pet owners, it is important that they establish dominance inside the household. That doesn’t mean bossing their dogs around or being mean to them. Like children, they should know how to respect their parents.

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Watch The Video Below:

Como ensinar seu cão à não mexer no lixo 😂😂😂

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